These Things Can Make a Woman’s Sexual Desire Suddenly Extinguished

September 17, 2018

Most women must have felt reluctant to have sex. When you are in a tense situation at work, you will become depressed, then have the potential to not have sexual desire. Sleeping less than 8 hours can be one reason for the loss of desire to connect with your partner.

Losing sexual desire can occur when you are dealing with a partner. Discomfort in your body, or maybe an unpleasant expression may emerge from your partner can be a trigger for the disappearance of female libido.

There are several reasons why a woman’s sexual desires can decrease, even disappear. Women need to know this in order to overcome it.

Couples are not “on”

When your partner is lazy to have sex or is not showing the best performance, you will lose libido. Therefore, try fishing him with exciting words, and help him to achieve his best performance. You also can give him Generic Viagra to make him strong and passionate. You can easily get it at Canadian Pharmacy.

An unpleasant feeling in the partner

When feelings for your partner are uncomfortable, you will find it very difficult to feel lust. Feelings are very closely related to sexual desire. Therefore, try doing things that are fun with your partner. Examples include watching a movie, taking a walk in the park, and then discussing this problem.

Not confident in your body

This situation usually arises when your partner, intentionally or unintentionally, makes an unpleasant expression related to your body shape. These words greatly influence the desire for intercourse. The way you can do to overcome this feeling is to accept a couple’s words or try to start a healthy lifestyle. That way, your body shape will improve and there will be no more expressions like that.

Change partners frequently

Having sex with different partners does not fully make your sexual desire increase. Precisely, with these conditions, you are dogged by fear of intimacy with a different partner. This is not entirely wrong if the reason is just for fun. But if the reason is more than that, think again.

Medical problems

Physical conditions can be a reason for the reluctance to have sex. Thyroid hormone treatment and disorders are very likely to be the cause. Therefore, consult this doctor immediately. Sexual desire is not only about something that is on your mind.

Your partner turns away

Conditions like this are painful for women. You will be very angry and this will greatly affect libido. Therefore, try to solve the problem carefully with your partner.

You and your partner have been together for a long time

Boredom is real. Therefore, try to make variations in sex, one of them by using a sex toy and instill in your mind that pent-up sexual desire must be fulfilled immediately.