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Constantly Focused on the Trading App

October 1, 2019

I had a dinner party for my friends last month. The dinner party was an excuse for me to celebrate having a successful time on Bitcoin Evolution. Through various bitcoin trades, I’ve been able to make a lot of money, so I used some of that money to pay for the party. I bought some steaks, crab legs, and other ingredients to make dinner and dessert. I don’t cook for my friends often, so I wanted this dinner party to be a special one where I could showcase my cooking skills and try out the recipes that I’ve learned.

As my guests began to arrive at the dinner party, they all had their phones out. They were looking at the same trading app that I use to look at bitcoin prices. I thought I was the only one among my circle of friends that traded in bitcoin, but I guess everyone else just couldn’t stay away from it. I figured that once the dinner started, everyone would put their phones away, but they had them in their laps, still looking at the prices while they were trying to eat. I guess this is what modern parents go through every day. I tried talking to everyone, but all I could get out of my guests were a few grunts.

After dinner, I brought out dessert for everyone, and they were still checking the bitcoin prices on their phones. I should have just ordered pizza for everyone since they weren’t even paying attention. The time I spent cooking for everyone and setting up the table for the dinner could have been used for trading bitcoin. Despite the lack of attention that everyone displayed during the dinner party, all of my guests thanked me for inviting them over and cooking dinner for them.