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A Family of Bitcoin Traders

October 1, 2019

Since I’ve become a stay at home dad, I’ve been doing some bitcoin trading on Bitcoin Era. The app that I use allows me to trade at any time and anywhere I want. So when I’m watching the kids, I can whip out the phone and look at the market and move some bitcoin around. My kids have a lot of energy and can run around until it’s time for them to go to bed. I need all the time I can get to watch them, and if I can squeeze in some time for a little bitcoin, the better.

When my wife gets home, she’s tired from her long day at the office, and she relaxes after taking a shower. She also likes to do trading in bitcoin. I’m the one who showed her how to use the app to trade. Before that, she thought that bitcoin was nothing but a waste of time that would only result in more headaches than anything. Now she loves it and does her best to make a good profit from it. Trading in bitcoin is so easy that I could probably teach the kids how to do it before they have to start school.

Right now, my wife and I have a good life, and I would like to do some work beyond what I do around the house, but for now, I think I can watch the kids a little longer. The money that we’ve gotten from trading in bitcoin has made it possible for us to send our kids to some of the best schools in the state. We’ve been thinking about a good private school where they can learn and grow. Of course, we went to public schools and turned out fine, but we think private schools are better.