5 Ways to Maintain and Increase Lung Capacity

January 13, 2019

The lungs are internal organs that are protected by the human chest cavity. This organ is very important for the human respiratory system. Therefore, we must maintain this lung health and capacity. Given the increasing amount of pollution today, our lungs work harder to filter out all the foreign substances that enter it. You also need to take vitamins or herbal supplements to support your lung health, such as consuming CBD Oil.

Here are some ways to maintain lung health while increasing its capacity, and it will be better if you add CBD Oil Canada.

  1. Get used to taking a deep breath.This makes the lungs do not lack clean air to flow to all body tissues. Try to take a deep breath, then hold it for a while, and take it out. Do it for 1 minute, then your lungs can receive more air supply than usual.
  2. Get used to breathing with the correct flow, which is to breathe air through the nose, then remove it through the mouth with both lips open slightly. It makes your lungs sac used to hold more air inside.
  3. Breathe more than what your brain thinks. Don’t breathe according to your mind, but follow your lung capacity. So, breathe in the fresh air until you feel your lungs full.
  4. Practice in water. The right way to train your lungs is to hold your breath in the water. The way is as follows: Take a deep breath until your lungs are full filled, then enter into the water while holding back the air you have breathed. After a few seconds in the water, remove the air slowly from the mouth. If this is done repeatedly, your lung capacity will increase.
  5. Exercise regularly. Sports can also be a good exercise tool for your lungs. Jogging, gymnastics, cycling, or swimming can help increase your lung capacity to breathe and hold air for longer. This is because exercise makes people breathe faster and breathe more air than usual to meet the increased oxygen demand due to increased metabolism.

So, maintaining lung health and increasing its capacity is easy, right? You only need regular exercise and regular breathing exercises.

With the volume of air going in and out of your lungs, then this breathing organ can cleanse substances that are not needed in the respiratory system.

Hopefully, the five methods outlined above can benefit your lung health.